About Handa

Corporate Spirit: Innovation, Integrity,Unity, Responsibility

CorporatePhilosophy: The Development of company is based on providing customers with better services


Three principles of working: Perfect work, completework, Self-improvement

‘Perfect work’principle

Strivefor perfection is not only about Accomplishment, butalso excelsior    

The standard for ‘perfect’ is: being neatand orderly,can be seen with half an eye.

Being neat: the results must be uniform andmeet the 6S requirements.

Being orderly: having standards, processesand requirements for working.

Can be seen with half an eye: the way ofdoing things and the results must be known and executed by anyone at a glance.

‘Complete work’principle

Finishing what was required is only one-third of the whole work .

The standard for ‘complete’ is: Doing, Communicating, Organizing.

Doing: doing a good job correctly asrequired.

Communicating: communicating with relevantdepartments and personnel on the processes and results of the work,which meansreporting to higher authorities;contacting with related departments;guiding andinstructing the subordinates.

Organizing: all content of the work is doneaccording to the principle of perfect work, sorting and filing to save the workinformation and experience as a reference for future work.


When there is a problem in the work, tracethe cause according to ‘Self-improvement’ principle

When there is a problem in the work, thefirst thing that must be considered is whether the self (or the department)does not do a good job, what can be improved, and how to improve, so there canbe improvements; it should not be considered first what problems the otherdepartments have or what has caused those problems. Leave the problems of theother departments or people to the superiors.

Three principles of quality: do not producebad products, do not accept bad products, and do not allow bad products to flowinto the next process

Workingmethod - 5W1H







Workingorder - PDCA