Handa is like the sea. Only the sea can be sobroad-minded to embrace all rivers and streams, and purify the polluted intoclear water. That is why no matter how difficult, the rolling Yangtze River,the turbid Yellow River, and the sluggish trickle of water vie with each otherin rushing into the sea. They converge into an unparalleled spectacular witheverlasting flowing green water!

Once merged into the great family of the sea, everymolecule will be closely together, forming a united whole on very intimate term.They follow the sea’s principle and firmly pursue for the same goal, even if itmeans death. Therefore, there is the magic of the sea liberating.

The sea quietly does selfless dedication year afteryear. This is why it has been widely praised. It is its spirit of"creation without attachment, working without credit", and asking fornothing that helped the sea to achieve eternal existence. And this offers aperpetual living environment to all the creatures in the sea.

Handa should act like the sea. Since it has establishedthe magnificent goal as the sea, Handa should be open-minded like the sea. Weshould not only embrace the talents from all over the country, but also possessthe self-purification ability as the sea, so as to enhance and sublimate thequality of each individual in such atmosphere. Members of Handa should becapable individuals, not redundant or mediocre, because the development ofHanda needs the support and assurance of talents in various fields.

We should unite all the members together in Handato burst out our strength as powerful as the sea. This depends on a spirit ofCompany which we have alwaysadvocated----Innovation, Integrity, Faithfulness, Customer first.When we work together with one heart, we should forget we are separated individuals.And our value should be judged by our contributions, not only diplomas. In thisway, lots of impossible things in our hands can be reality, and the huge waveof Handa will break through all the obstacles and rolling forward!

We should make our contribution to the communityand mankind like the sea. Like the sea, Handa would own its eternal existence.And every individual in Handa will receive generous rewards for their effortsto bring great benefits for the Company, and their outstanding contributions tothe society. Thus, Handa will unite to be a whole with the community.

Handa is like the sea.