Handa Industries Co., LTD. (Handa Industries for short) is a wholly-owned limited liability company based in Hong Kong, committed to the full industrial chain of textile and apparel, created a one-stop service of high-end fabric and garment production.Over the years, adhering to the enterprise spirit of "innovation,integrity, honesty, customer first", after nearly 30 years of hard workand precipitation, in the continuous innovation and layout, Handa has transformed from a small and medium-sized enterprise to a strong enterprise with a complete industrial chain, operating marketing centers and production bases in China, Japan, the United States, Southeast Asia, Africa and other places with more than 10,000 employees and an annual turnover of more than 300 million US dollars.

Handa Industries was established in 1995 and has multiple subsidiaries under itsumbreall deep in research&development of weft knitted fabrics,dyeing&finishing of knitting , garment design and production, continuously creating value for our customers and the community.

Grasping the trend of The Times and adhering to research, development and innovation is the core competitiveness of enterprises. The enterprise has independently researched and developed fabrics and established Wuxi Engineering Technology Research Center, the technology center, the national functional sports knitted fabrics development base, CNAS Nationally Accredited Laboratory, China Textile Industry Design Center, and become a "national high-tech enterprise".A number of fabrics have won the award of the "Top Ten Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements of Xishan District, Wuxi City", and we have won awards of "Best Ecological and Environmental Products Market Application Award of China Eco-Environmental Fabric Design Competition","Best Scientific and Technological Innovation Award of China FabricStar" and other awards for excellent performance for many times.Meanwhile, our enterprise has won the award of "Product Development Contribution Award of China National Textile Industry Council" for many years, and has been named as "National Functional Knitted Fabric Flow Trend Research Center" by the National Textile Product Development Center.

Handa Industries has opened a new model of technology enabling development, which isdisplayed in the whole process of manufacturing from fibers to garments, and pushes enterprises to move towards a higher end of the industrial chain. Handa Industries has built a data center to connect the various existing business systems- information systems, management software systems, automation systems,ordering systems, intelligent equipment, and equipment sensor data integration,to achieve the full integration of enterprise information and help enter prisesimprove its quality and efficiency. At the same time, through data fusion, HandaBrain is built to assist decision making with data, improve business efficiency,accumulate optimal production experience, improve enterprise operationefficiency, to achive the provision for customers with full life cycleservices.

We adhere to the principle of energy conservation and green development and Handa Industries actively responds to the national climate commitment of carbon peakin 2030 and carbon neutrality in 2060. By joining the LCA team, we test the whole life cycle of the product and provide customers with the carbon emissionvalue at each stage of the product. And by joining the "30 60 Chinese Fashion Brands Climate Innovation Action Carbon Neutral Accelerated Program", our enterprise has enhanced the ability to respond to climateaction. We actively participate various activities like carbon footprint, watermanagement, chemical management in China Textile Association. We constantly improve and upgrade the water reuse system of our printing and dyeing plant ,waste gas treatment facilities. We have invested in and established solar photovoltaic projects to use clean energy and reduce energy consumption,contributing to the sustainable development goals.

Handa Industries, as a providerof comprehensive solution for fashion garments and fabrics, together with global benchmark brands, creates a better fashion life!