Handa Industries adheres to the idea of “intellectualized, digitized, green sustainable”, combining with the layout plan of “point, line, surface”, to promote corporate intellectualized upgrade. With the accelerated integration between the latest  information technology and traditional manufacturing plants, 5G plus industrial internet will further tamp the development base of digital economy, empower garment products to intellectually upgrade.

Handa is constructing the integrated intellectualized plant, and parts of production lines have been put in to use. The sewing special line in this workshop mainly produces hoodies and crew neck T-shirts, whose equipment automation rate has been over 70%, adopting the methods of work stops or semi-automation to decrease employees’ technique requirements, eventually finish a high-quality garment by AGV intellectual automation delivery and the cutting procedure which is high-effectively circulating among various intellectual devices, realizing non-landing and automation for the whole process of finishing&ironing, quality check, packing, encasing, piling by after finishing through automatically sorting the hang tags. The production efficiency will be enhanced by 67%, manpower cost will be reduced by 40%, and the delivery dates of orders can be advanced by 3 days after finishing the construction of the intellectual workshop.

The factories will simultaneously put several management systems including MES, APS, GST and hanging into service, eliminating isolated date islands by integration of equipment date sensing to build a united data platform to transfer database storage into date asset, and realizing the mutual integration among different systems to make delicacy management in workshops come true. It will make date management of workshop micro procedures delicate when realizing macro work center reports, and will build “Business Links” by realizing the monitoring of output, quality, work hours, cost tract and feedback during the production process.